Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What part does sex or love play in happiness?

Well, in the beginning of a romantic relationship, when you're in that infatuation stage, you feel very happy. We've all felt that. Everybody writes songs about it and movies about it and that "in love" feeling is one of the ways that we know to define happiness. It's interesting, if you allow then the relationship to actually begin, which it doesn't really do until after you fall "out of love" with the person you fell in love with, and you go through a secondary stage. We call the first stage "forming" and the secondary stage "storming", then "norming", and the "performing". So "forming" is the "in love' infatuation stage. When you get to "storming" you're looking across at that person and you're saying "Oh, my Gosh, what was I thinking. They're not perfect, now I'm not perfect, it's not perfect, maybe this was a bad idea." But when you get through that and you allow yourself to choose to love the person anyway in the "norming" stage and you work out the differences which of course there will be and you identify how you can work together as a partnership, which then gets you to 'performing", you can generate happiness within that relationship, which again, will last for a lifetime instead of just during the romantic phase, and then once that element's over then the relationship is done. Which unfortunately is where most movies stop too, so I don't know that we have great role models about how to that, unfortunately.

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