Monday, January 5, 2009

Love is not science, but these he's-into-you signs feel like fact.

Love is not science, but these he's-into-you signs feel like fact.

Is he into you? Does he love you? Your friends will analyze it to death, and who knows if they're right. The same can be said for the people who study love professionally, like Dr. Phil for or Dr. Helen Fischer for Match's new site,

But we press on, because men are confusing buggers, and there are actually tell-tale patterns when a man is sweet on you. If he's into you, he can't help but exhibit certain behaviors, and they go a little something like this:

He suddenly has perfect manners.
He might have been incredibly polite before he knew you, but now that he has a lady to impress, dude is opening doors, taking your arm in his arm, offering thanks yous and apologies for the littlest of things. How cute is that?

He calls whenever, wherever.
No one is immune to the dreaded waiting period when the call is supposed to come and doesn't. When a guy is into you, he'll call to say "hi". He'll text a "smooch!" just because. He'll be in touch with you. When you're with someone who digs you, there is no waiting for that cell phone to make some noise.

He does adorable but awkward things.
This one came from our guy friends, who said that when they're into a woman, they're trying really hard not to screw things up, so they basically screw a lot of things up! They stumble, they say the wrong thing, they dork out. It's adorable!

He is strangely patient about "girlie" stuff.
Brush your hair because you think it feels good? Sure, babe. Watch Mamma Mia! because it makes you happy? Fine with him. He's into you, which means he wants to be with you, which means suffering a chick-flick or afternoon shopping. Dude is into you, mama!

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