Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Let Go and Grow"

I can practically guarantee that, if you are continually frustrated in your efforts to grow either by meeting someone new after a failed relationship, or finding a new career path, or even new friends, that there are vestiges of holding on to earlier events which are stopping your progress.
I become more and more convinced that in order to move ahead in your life you really have to leave behind what is behind.
The biblical metaphor for this phenomenon is Lot's wife turning into a pillar of salt as she looked behind her to see Sodom burnt to the ground.

Unless we let what has passed truly be over, its ghost continues to haunt us, and actually hampers the arrival of the wished-for event.
This process can actually go on for years.
So if there is anything right now that you truly want and it is just not happening, ask yourself what you have not let go of that might possibly be in the way.
Here are several steps to help you achieve the "Let Go and Grow" process in your own life.

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